Wet Wipes Line

Stock #RG9535V

Used line for the production of household or baby wet wipes. Capacity up to 60
pieces per minute or 27000 packs in a 7.5 hour shift.
Process description as follows:
– Large roll placed on unwind station then slit and impregnated with liquid.
– Clips of fabric are then cut to length and the desired amount per pack built
up using the stacker.
– Fed into flow wrap film which has had the aperture cut and label applied.
– Pack then sealed along back and then at either end.
– Packs then manually packed into cases created be case erector.
Line includes the following major equipment:
– PCMC Triton 1121 Wet Wipes Z Folder. Made in 1997, refurbished in 2003 and a
new screen installed 2014.
– Hoist for lifting nonwoven rolls onto the back of the machine.
– Fuji Alpha III Flow Wrapper with auto splicer, die cutting and ALS labeller.
Made in 1997 with new jaws installed 2013 and new labeller 2017.
– Weight checker, metal detection units, conveyors.
– OK Super Former 1M hot melt case erector made in 2010.
– OK Super-taper 1F automatic case closer and Spare Tape head made in 2010.

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