Laboratory Paper Machine

Stock #21456-PM

We have in stock ready for immediate delivery a used 24″ laboratory paper
machine in excellent condition.

The machine has a Hogenkamp stainless steel headbox with 27″ pond and estimated
24″ trim, a 12′ Stainless Steel Fourdrinier section with 14 stainless steel
felt rollers and 3 stainless steel suction boxes, 16″ x 32″ rubber covered
roll, and 2 LG Industries press sections with rubber covered blind drilled

The first dryer section consists of ten 48″ x 36″ o.d. dryer rolls, all
National Board stamped, 150 psi. The second dryer section has 6 rolls of the
same size. There is an LG 2 roll calender with 16″ x 32″ top roll and 18″ x
32″ bottom roll with Mt Hope bowed roll and idler roll.

Also included are Nash and Goulds pumps, Andritz refiner, an LG stainless steel
pulper and tanks.

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