Adhesive Plant to make Super Glue

Stock #RG8380V

Used cyanoacrylate adhesive plant. Capacity is 500kg of monomer per batch.
Plant is Japanese made and was new in 1985.

Major equipment includes:

(1) polymerisation reaction vessel with capacity 2000 litres
(1) polymerisation reaction vessel with capacity 1000 litres
(2) de-poymerisation vessels with capacity 800 litres
(1) purification vessel with capacity 400 litres
(3) purification vessels with capacity 100 litres
(2) chiller units (total 30 tons) made by Hitachi
(5) vacuum pumps made by Mitsubishi
(2) stainless steel 316 storage tanks with capacity 1000 litres
(10) glass condensers with capacity 30 litres each

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