4.2 Meter Beloit Linerboard, Corrugating and Fluting Paper Machine

Stock #V21243

This machine is currently running and in excellent condition!

Used 4.2 meter Beloit dual headbox paper machine for linerboard, corrugating
medium and fluting. 164″ trim at winder. 23-55# basis weight @ 2600 fpm.
Beloit Concept III 173″ pond primary and secondary headboxes , Cantilever
stainless steel Fourdrinier section, Voith Duo Breast roll, 185″ Beloit Bel
Bond top wire.

186″ Beloit ENP-O (extended nip press), 6,000 PLI. (52) GL&V and Beloit dryer
cans 60″ x 178″, rated at 125-160 PSI with (1) Unirun section. Voith calender,
ABB scanner, Beloit reel, Beloit 2 drum winder.

Contact us for a video and machine specifications.

Perry has separately available a 575 TPD OCC plant.

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