3 Paper Machines from 100,000 TPY Kraft Pulp Mill

Stock #860-1

We have available 3 paper machines still installed at a recently operated mill
in Pennsylvania.

Paper Machines 1 and 2 are specialty machines with coaters. PM #1 is 111″ trim
with a bill blade coater, GSM 50-113. PM#2 is 115″ trim with twin high-solids
metering coater which allows unique coating on each side. GSM 47-98. PM#3, a
71″ trim paper machine, is designed for security grade paper. It has a bill
blade coater, an air knife coater, and a compact wet end. It allows for quick
grade changes for cost effective smaller runs.

Also available at the mill are a debark system, an Acrowood chip system new in
2015, a lime kiln, digesters, evaporators, steam turbine and boiler, balers,
pumps, roll and pallet wrapping. For a list and descriptions of all the major
equipment available at the mill, type “V860” in the search bar
at the top of this page.

For more information on any of the equipment available from this mill, contact
Tom Royston at troyston@perryvidex.com 856 873-6699 or Rodrigo Caro at
rcaro@perryvidex.com 609 444-9320.

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