150 TPD Edible Oil Refinery

Stock #RG1034V

150 tons per day edible oil refinery for sunflower oil. Packing and storage on
site. Built in 2008 and currently in use.
Main sections are described below.

– Refinery built in 2008 with capacity 150 tons/day. Includes equipment for:
Neutralisation (GEA-Westfalia); Winterisation (GEA-Westfalia); Bleaching
(Harburg Freudenberger); Deodorisation (Harburg Freudenberger).
– Filling & packaging plant with capacity 8,800 bottles/hour of 1 litre bottles
from equipment made in 2006. Includes PET blow molder with capacity 8,800
bottles/hour; Monobloc for filling and sealing PET bottles with press-on caps;
Automatic label machine with capacity 10,000 labels/hour; Bottle packing
machine; Palletiser with capacity 15 pallets/hour. Also includes semi
automatic packing machine made in Bulgaria 2015 for oil into cylinders sized 3,
4.75, 5 and 10 litres with capacity 3000 litres/hour.
– Storage available across (6) tanks for: Raw oil 1760 m3 + 1200 m3; Refined
oil 750 m3 + 630 m3; Filtered oil 450 m3 + 100 m3.
– Warehouse for finished products sized 600 m2.
– Warehouse for raw materials sized 200 m2.
– Associated facilities including boiler room, plant for soft water
preparation, compressors, coolers, area for splitting soaps and distillation of
fatty acid, warehouse for by-products (160 m3 fatty acid, 100 m3 vegetable wax,
100 m3 used filtered oil, 200 m3 sludge), 30 m3 / hour wastewater treatment

Currently available in situ. Contact Carlo Ragusa at
CRagusa@perryprocess.co.uk for more information.

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