Refurbished Equipment

Quality Refurbished Process Equipment

Perry Videx has been at the center of the used equipment and machinery world since 1932. Contributing to our longevity are the steps we take when refurbishing used industrial equipment. Take a Look at some of our videos to see examples or our expertise in refurbishing used processing equipment:

Used Centrifuge – Testing Used Industrial Equipment

An important feature when testing the proper operation of a centrifuge is to see how fast the spindle is turning the basket. For a used centrifuge, we use a non contact tachometer to test the RPM. The machine in this video is a Tolhurst 40″ x 24″ Basket Centrifuge.


Used Plough Mixer – Refurbishing a Ploughshare Mixer

This video shows the process of refurbishing a used ploughshare mixer was manufactured by Littleford in the US. It is a model FKM600D, with a 600 liter mixing capacity. Plough mixers are used throughout the process and plastics industry and a refurbished model can be a cost-effective method for building your inventory. This particular model was refurbished by Perry Videx, a trusted and global used industrial equipment provider.