Spray Drying Partial Plant, Anhydro, 1100 KG/HR Milk Powder

Stock #RG8623

Spray drying parts from Anhydro spray drying plant with capacity approximately 1,100 kg/hour of milk powder. The majority of these parts have been refurbished as listed below. All contact parts are in stainless steel Aisi 304. Plant was made in 2001 and used in dairy operation until 2008.
Refurbished Equipment Includes:
– Anhydro cooling fluid bed with CIP nozzles.
– VÅV Sieve.
– Anhydro discharge channel with CIP nozzles.
– Anhydro dehumidification unit for the cooling fluid bed.
– Anhydro calorifiers for internal fluid bed.
– Novenco pressure fan.
– Pollrich suction fan in painted steel.
– Aaerzener blower in painted steel.
– Rannie high pressure pump.
– DMN Westinghouse blow-through valves.
– Anhydro rotary valves in aluminum.
– Ancillary equipment – ducts, channels, valves etc.
Not Yet Refurbished Equipment Includes:
– Complete Anhydro internal fluid bed with CIP nozzles.
– Anhydro cyclones, complete with CIP nozzles.
– Anhydro air inlet insert and nozzle atomizer.

Location: Europe

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