Potato Pellet Line with Input Capacity 100kg/hour

Stock #RG9580

Used potato processing line made in 1998 by Food Enteprise S.p.a. (Italy) and shut down in 2016. Output capacity is approximately 85-105 kg/hour of uncooked potato pellets. (See photographs for image of finished product.)
The line processes potato flakes (105kg), potato starch (185kg), salt & oil (10kg) to produce extruded, uncooked potato pellets. The uncooked pellets are sold to customers who fry, flavour and package the finished chips.
Main equipment includes:
– Mixer, extruder, laminating rollers, rotary former, pneumatic conveyor, screw extractor, shaker pre-dryer, lubrication, cooler, blades regulation, vibrating sifter.

Location: Europe

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