Granulart Pellet Plant 500 Kg Per Hour

Stock #ZS61642

Used Granulart pellet plant rated up to 0.5 Ton/hours depending on raw material.
The plant including:
– Power conveyor inclined with hopper (hydraulic cylinder to vary the height).
– Feeding screw with hopper on support.
– Hydric Pellet Mill GRH200 20 HP (600 V, three-phase) with torque detector and speedometer.
– Type of Die: MA6GR75 (x), ma8gr75 (x), etc.
– Type of roller: MA6GR75 (x), ma8gr75 (x), etc.
– Conditioner with speed converter and timed air jet ETKN2000.
– Vibrating 550V cooler sieve with pneumatic HubR550.
– TGR4000 treadmill with loading bucket with speed drive.
– Cooler conveyor with speed controller.
– Vibrating conveyor for the output of the granules.
– Inclined conveyor with cooling fans for bagging.
– Various accessories (Dies, Rolls, oil, etc.)
The plant was in operation 180 hours only for scaling granular fertilizers.
– Wood Die never used.
– Total length of the production line made 20 ‘x 10’.

Location: CA

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