Pellet Line from Straw/Sawdust

Stock #UG6228

Second hand pellet production line from straw and sawdust. Output up to 1200 tons per month on straw. The whole line consists of the following equipment:
1) Packing machine into bags with weighscale
2) Belt conveyor for pellet collection
3) Screen
4) Bucket conveyor
5) Cooling radiator + blowers and cyclones
6) Bucket conveyor for cooling radiator
7) Two (2) pellet mills 508/12 with power 132 kW, Chinese made
8) Conditioners
9) Buffer tank with capacity 6 m3 equipped with cyclones and rotary valves
10) Hammer mill with power 132 kW
11) Straw shredder
12) Aspirator filter
13) Blowers
14) Drum dryer with length 21 m equipped with boiler coal and woodchips fired and additional sawdust burner
15) Buffer tank
16) Drum sifter for sawdust
17) Screw conveyor for dry product collection, cyclone, lock valve
18) Blowers
19) Chimney
20) Control panels
21) Condenser package
22) Dies
23) Roll jackets

Location: Poland

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