Bergami AS150TR 5-1/8″ Pitch Horizontal Internmittent Motion Reverse Tuck Cartoner

Stock #ZG60959

Used Bergami model AS150TR 5-1/8″ pitch horizontal intermittent motion reverse tuck cartoner. Up to 80 CPM. Mechanical speed of 25-140 strokes per minute. Carton size range: 15-80mm wide, 10-70mm high, 50-180mm deep. Last running carton dims of 1″ long X 13/16″ wide X 4-1/2″ deep. Suitable for handling pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with little and medium dimensions and the modern balcony structure has made it possible to completely separate the mechanical zone from the carton and product conveyor zone to thoroughly inspect the Cartoner internal and eventually detect and clean batch products at the end of the production run. This allows complete accessibility for cleaning, maintenance, inspection and size changeover operations. The balcony design also prevents carton dust and debris from falling into main drive components. Latest ergonomic features (operator friendly). Cartons, leaflets and similar items can be loaded from one unique operator place. Size change-over is very quick and simple because it is realized with adjustments made through digital indicators positioned on the front of the machine.

Location: Midwest USA

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