Baby Food Production Line with Capacity 6000 Jars / Hour

Stock #RG9993

Used baby food production line made in 2015. Capacity is 6,000 glass jars / hour with each jar containing 150 grams of product. Line is capable of filling apple, kiwi, banana, strawberry, pear, peach, apricot and similar.
Line includes the following major sections and equipment:
– Production Equipment: Juma Inox fryer, T-Sensation cooker with piping and controls, passer, mill, pasteuriser, cooking unit 500l, inox table and sink, vegetable washer, potato peeler, vegetable slicer.
– Packaging and Palletising Equipment: washer, Marrodan autoclave, 36 stainless steel can holders, CIP system, rotary table, belt transport, labelling machine, shrink oven, transport for glass jars to doser, 6-head dosing unit, transport for full glass jars to capper, capper, transport to x-ray, x-ray controller, inket printer, rotary table to receive glass jars, manual packaging.

Location: Europe

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