Used vacuum plate dryer Krauss Maffei type VTT 20/23

Stock #AS60954

Used vacuum dryer Krauss Maffei type VTT 20/23. Made of stainless steel. Volume 21.3 thousand liters. Heating surface 57.5 m2. The dryer is equipped with 23 jacketed shelves each with a diameter of 1759-1930 mm, jacket volume 21-24 ltr, 2 bar working pressure and 260*C maximum temperature. The working pressure of the dryer is 0.12 bar (vacuum), 260*C maximum temperature. Inlet diameter 250 mm, two outlets with 150 mm diameter. Drive 4 KW, 400/690 V, Ex-proof. Total height 6.5 m, weight 11500 kg, required floor space 2.8 x 2.8 m. Previously used at juice plant in the food industry. More information on request.

Location: Europe

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