55 kW Netzsch Model PMD-VC 7500 FLP Stainless Steel Pre-Mix Disperser

Stock #L0969-01

Used Netzsch model PMD-VC 7500 FLP stainless steel pre-mix disperser. Approximately 1800-7500 litre working capacity. Has bolted dished top and welded inverted Cone bottom heads. Unit includes top driven disperser agitator hydraulically driven by 55 kW 415 volt 3/50 1470 rpm motor. Also includes bottom driven anchor agitator belt driven by 11 kW 415 volt 3/50 970 rpm motor and gearbox. Has hydraulic powerpack direct driven by 0.55 kW 415 volt 3/50 2830 rpm motor for raise/lower. Has stainless steel external coil heating/cooling jacket.

Location: Perry England Warehouse

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