5 HP 7″ X 10″ Mecanofil Cutter

Stock #U2085-10

Used carbon steel cutter for plastics made by Mecanofil (Spain) with feeder screw conveyor. Screw feeder conveyor driven by 0,55 kW motor via bevel gearbox. Grinding chamber dimnesions: length 250 mm x diameter 170 mm. Has 2 static blades and screen perforation 6 mm. Rotor with 4 blades is driven by belt gearbox and elec. Motor 4 kW. Mounted on carbon steel frame. Includes control panel. Shipping dimensions: width 1200 mm x depth 1800 mm, height 1900 mm. No documentation. Weight: 720 kg. New 1999. No technical documentation.

Location: Perry Poland Warehouse

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