39780 kw GE Ahsthom Generator

Stock #ZG60023

Manufacturer: GEC Ahsthom
rating: 39780 kW
type: pg6541B
fuel: natural gas
heat rate(ISO): 11.3 MJ/KWH
speed of turbine: 5,100 rpm
exhaust gas flow: 141 KGS/sec, 538 deg C
generator rating: 50,235 kVA
generator voltage: 11 KV, 3 phase, 50 HZ
power factor: 0.85
generator speed: 3000 rpm
generator type: air cooled
gear reducer: 5114 rpm to 3000 rpm
control system: Mark iv
starting: motor
enclosure: outdoor housed power block

NOx control: steam injection
boiler not included

year built: 1993
year shutdown: 2008

number of life time hours: 120,000
number of starts: 120

last major overhaul: 2007

scope of supply:
gas turbine skid
inlet air filter with silencer
exhaust plenum (for side exhaust)

gas fuel skid
Lube oil coolers, Lube oil vent mist separator
air cooled generator
speed reducing load gear
Mark iv controls
generator breaker and protection and control system

Location: EUROPE

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