2.2 KW Cutting Mill Rapid Type G150-21A With Auger Feeder

Stock #U2352-16

Used horizontal cutting mill by Rapid (SE) type G150-21A with auger feeder. Mill has stainless steel feeding hopper with inlet dimensions: 290 mm x 190 mm. Product goes to carbon steel screw conveyer with diameter 120 mm. Auger is driven by el. motor 0,37 kW and gearbox. Working rotation of screw about 30 rpm. Milling chamber inlet has dimensions 207 mm x 170 mm. Rotor is equipped with 9 knives. At milling chamber walls are mounted two static knives. Rotor is belt driven by el. motor 2.2 kW, 940 rpm, 230/400 V, 50 hz. Bottom discharge through screen with mesh 5 mm diameter. Product falls down to conical chute which is connected to exhaust fan for pneumatic transport. Fan has working output up to 4 m3/min at pressure 170 mmWs. Mill is mounted on mobile wheels. Last time used on small plastic elements.

Location: Perry Poland Warehouse

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