3.0″ Ext Macchi 3-Layer Blown Film Line Maximum 2350mm Lay Flat Sheeting

Stock #ZP62698

Used 2009 Macchi 3-layer blown film line still installed and currently in operation. Line previously utilized on LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE. Maximum 2350mm lay flat sheeting. Line consists of the following:

(2) 65mm 30/1 L/D extruders each with Servo motors
(1) 80mm 30/1 L/D extruder with Servo motor
Each extruder is equipped with hydraulic screen changer
Oscillating nip roll assembly
Martignoni treater
(2) blown film dies available, 350mm O.D. and 400mm O.D. with 1.8mm die gap
Piovan gravimetric blending system with 4-component capability. No cooling tower included.
Includes back-to-back double winders for approximately 30″ O.D. rolls
Includes Auto Gauge control system from K-Design Germany
Fully automatic IBC cooling system
Carbon fiber dual lip air ring included with dies

Location: South Africa

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