2″ x 8″ Fitzpatrick Mdl IR520 Stainless Steel Chilsonator Roll Compactor System

Stock #ZG63014

Used Fitzpatrick model IR520 stainless steel chilsonator roll compactor system. Chillsonator has (2) stainless steel grooved rolls measuring approximately 2″ (50.8mm) wide x 8″ (203.2mm) diameter. Approximate capacity 22 lbs to 220 lbs per hour (10 kgs to 100 kgs per hour) depending on product. Rolls driven at approximately 6-24 rpm with pressure 0 to 15,000 lbs (0 to 68.040 kg) per linear inch. includes M5A mill which is built into the chillsonator as an integral unit.

Built 1997

Location: West Coast USA

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