250 Liter Stainless Steel Universal Mixer

Stock #U806V-19

Used stainless steel universal mixer with total volume of chamber 250 l. Mixer has three blades bottom driven agitator through gearbox and belt drive via el. motor approx 3,7/6,5 KW, 1455/2920 rpm, 380V, 50 hz. There is installed at the side wall el. motor 3.7/4.4 KW, 1415/2890 rpm, 400V, 50 hz, with shaft for chopper, but chopper is not included. Discharge through side wall outlet, equipped with manually operated valve. As a set is included second body of mixer – it has: bowl with motor for chopper (chopper agitator not included), three blades bottom driven agitator, electric control panel and stainless steel supporting frame.

Location: Perry Poland Warehouse

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