24,230 Litre, 3 Bar Internal, 4 Bar Jacket, Stainless Steel Reactor

Stock #RG8005

Used 304 stainless steel reactor manufactured by Coti SRL ALME (BG). Capacity 24230 litres. Vessel approximately 2800mm diameter X 3000mm, dished bottom and dished topside. Manhole diameter 450mm. Unit has (9) top connections, outlet diameter 150mm, reactor is rated full vacuum / 3 bar working pressure. Reactor has a half coil jacket with 460 litre capacity, rated 4 bar working pressure at 210°C. Unit has a gate type agitator manufactured by Mariottie & Pecini, type AR2T 55/44/2 (2 rpm) equipped with scrapers driven by 4.0 kW, 230/400 volt (EX) motor.

Location: EUROPE

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