120″ X 250′ Canadian Traylor Engineering Lime Recovery Rotary Kiln

Stock #ZW56100

Used Canadian Traylor Engineering lime recovery rotary kiln, 120″ diameter X 250′ length, slope 3/8′, speed: 82.91 rpm, tube coolers: 6 (3’6″ diameter X 12′ length, new in November 1965, reported in good condition, was working when the plant shut down. Burning zone(70′) supplied by AP Green, mid-section (134’8″) supplied by AP Green, feed spirals (6): 12″ height, dams: 1’6″ to 2′ discharge ports, chain length: 36’6″ of 5/8″, kiln production: 140 mt/day rated, CaO availability: 80%, mud filtered feed rate: 185 GPM, Sp. Gravity: 1.23, percent solids (by wt): 25, kiln mud feed H2O content(% by wt): 40, kiln feed material temp (degrees Fahrenheit/degrees Celsius): 140/60, fuel type: no. 6 fuel oil, flow rate: 5.8 GPM.

Location: Mexico

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