1.1 kW Gronfa Type DSM 1100 Stainless Steel Wall Agitator

Stock #U2244-4

Used stainless steel wall mounted agitator by Gronfa Procestechniek (Netherlands) type DSM 1100. Machine has a stainless steel shaft with length 560 mm. Mixing die has diameter 110 mm. Shaft is directly driven by el. motor 1.1 kW, 2760 rpm, 220/380V, 50 hz. Machine is equipped with stainless steel mixing pan with total volume 26 l and working volume about 20 l. Internal dimensions of mixing pan: diameter 273 mm x depth 445 mm. Pan is raised and lowered by pneumatic acuator and manually tilt for discharge. Agitator is mounted on stainless steel frame mounted on 4 bolts to the wall. Equipped with local control panel.

Location: PL

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