Perry Videx offers a large selection of used and rebuilt industrial mixers, as well as parts and accessories from leading manufacturers including: Bolling, Krupp, Farrel, Brabender, Haake, Henschel, Papenmeier, T.K. Fielder, Diosna, Collette, Cowles, Simpson, and Littleford to name a few.

We offer Banbury type mixers, continuous mixers, double arm mixers, single arm mixers, high intensity mixers, pony mixers, Cowles type mixers, Littleford type mixers, powder ribbon mixers, and more.

Use the categories below to browse our inventory of used industrial mixers, parts and accessories:

Save Money. Save Time. Purchase used equipment from Perry Videx for the best price and for immediate delivery. We offer refurbished, tested equipment from our modern workshop. Work with our experienced sales people who know the process.